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bud.proxy: modifying the response body

Instances of the proxy base URL are replaced by the dev server's base URL in proxied responses. Otherwise, absolute URLs would still point to the proxied server.

This won't work for all setups. But, bud.proxy takes a second, optional parameter to customize this default behavior.

Each search/replace is expressed with a tuple. The first item is the search string, and the second is the replacement:

const replacement = ['search string', 'replace string']

These are stored by bud.js as an array:

const replacements = [
['find', 'replace'],
['find2', 'replace2'],

You can add additional replacements using a callback:

bud.proxy('https://example.test', (replacements = []) => {
replacements.push(['https://find.test', 'https://replace.test'])
return replacements

To fully ovewrite these search/replace tasks, you can pass the array without a callback:

bud.proxy('https://example.test', [
['https://find.test', 'https://replace.test'],