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bud.js is a web-focused build tool with add-on support for Babel, React, PostCSS, Sass, Typescript, esbuild, ESLint, Prettier, and more.


  • Node LTS
  • yarn, npm or pnpm
  • Windows users must use Windows Subsystem for Linux

Creating a new project

The easiest way to get started with bud.js is to use the create-bud-app command.

npx create-bud-app my-app

Adding to an existing project

Add @roots/bud as a development dependency using your choice of package manager.

npm install @roots/bud --save-dev

If you are using pnpm add --public-hoist-pattern=* to the installation command and use our .pnpmfile.cjs compatibility shim.

Building your project

If your project's entrypoint is located at ./src/index.js you can now compile it using the bud build command.

npm run bud build

No configuration is required. The bundled code will be output to ./dist/*.

If your application entrypoint is not located at ./src/index.js, you can learn about how to configure it with bud.entry it in the Entrypoints guide.

Upgrading bud.js

In general, all dependencies with the @roots/* namespace should share the same version.

To make it easy to keep versions in sync you can use the bud upgrade command.

npm run bud upgrade