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Improvements in 6.17.0 are mainly focused on @roots/bud-purgecss and @roots/bud-stylelint APIs. Also includes a way for community extensions to indicate compatibility with specific bud.js releases. This allows community extension authors to version their work independently of bud.js core and for users to update extensions along with core packages using the bud upgrade command (#2444).

Also includes a few minor bug fixes and updates to transitive dependencies.

⚠️ Breaking Changes


Sensible defaults are applied automatically, making this extension zero config. There is a much better API available using bud.purge rather than bud.purgecss.

  • lf you have installed the extension but are not using it you will either want to remove the extension or explicitly disable it: bud.purge.enable(false).
  • bud.purgecss function is deprecated. You should configure purgecss using the extension API exposed with bud.purge. bud.purge.setOptions works exactly the same way as bud.purgecss does, but there is now a new, fully fluent API available to you as well.
  • bud.purgecss will not be removed until v7.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: