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bud.fs is a collection of utilities to help with common filesystem based tasks.

All bud.fs functions take paths relative to the project's root directory. You can also create new instances with a different context using bud.fs.make. This is useful for code readability if you need to do several tasks on files in a shared, non-root directory:

const source = bud.fs.make(bud.path(`@src`)) // make a new bud.fs instance with a root in `src`
await source.copy(`foo`, `bar`) // copy src/foo to src/bar
await source.write(`hello.txt`, `hello world`) // write `hello world` to src/hello.txt


Utilities for reading and writing json. See bud.fs.json documentation for more information.


Utilities for reading and writing yml. See bud.fs.yml documentation for more information.


bud.fs includes built-in support for working with remote files stored in S3.

Once installed, you can set your credentials and bucket name in your bud configuration and do uploads:

.setCredentials({accessKeyId: `***`, secretAccessKey: `***`})

See bud.fs.s3 documentation for more information on how to use these features.