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Pipe a value through an array of functions.

Unlike bud.pipe, the output of each function is discarded. This is useful when you want to execute a sequence of functions in order, but don't need or want the output of each function to be passed to the next.


Pass an array of functions to be executed in sequence. Execution order is guaranteed even if the functions are async.

The output of each function is discarded. Each function will receive the bud.js instance as input.

await bud.sequence([
async bud => console.log(`function 1`),
async bud => console.log(`function 2`),

You can pass a second parameter which will be used as the input value (instead of the bud.js instance).

await bud.sequence(
async v => console.log(`function 1: ${v}`),
async v => console.log(`function 2: ${v}`),
async v => console.log(`function 3: ${v}`),
`this is the initial value`,