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Include static assets in your compilation even if they aren't referenced in scripts or stylesheets.


All paths are @src relative.

Copying a directory

Copy the entire @src/images directory:


Copying a file

Copy a single file:


Copying from multiple sources

You may add array items to specify additional tasks.

bud.assets([`images`, `fonts`])

Or, call bud.assets more than once:


Copying using an object

For more granular control, you may specify CopyPlugin.ObjectPattern object(s) directly.

As an example, to copy all the images from vendor/images and preserve the directory structure:

from: `vendor/images/**/*`,
context: bud.path(),

Additional information

You don't need to import assets which are utilized by your bundled code. For instance, if you are referencing a font file from your stylesheet, the font will already be included in your distribution. You don't need to manually require it with bud.assets, although there is probably no real harm in doing so.

bud.assets is specifically for compiling files which are not already included elsewhere.