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Bugfixes and bumped dependencies


#2243 improves compatibility with pnpm

This change finishes work started in 6.12.2 make it less necessary to use the bud.js .pnpmfile.cjs compatibility shim.

You should also now be able to limit hoisting to @roots packages, if desired:

pnpm install --public-hoist-pattern="@roots/*"

When only hoisting @roots/* packages you will need to make sure your app dependencies are explicitly defined. Rule of thumb: if you import it in your app you will need to have it installed in your project.

The alternative is to hoist everything (same behavior as npm and yarn):

pnpm install --public-hoist-pattern="*"


  • Fixes module resolution cache validation when swapping package managers.
  • Fixes issue with eslint not outputting to stdout/stderr in some configurations.