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Preset configuration for the Sage WordPress starter theme


yarn add @roots/sage --dev


The Sage docs cover everything in more detail than can be found here.

The documentation here is focused largely on installation of compatible themes.

Included extensions

The @roots/sage extension depends on @roots/bud-preset-wordpress which in turn depends on @roots/bud-preset-recommend.

All told, these are the extensions which are installed as peers of @roots/sage:

@roots/bud-babelBabel transpiler
@roots/bud-entrypointsEmits entrypoints.json manifest
@roots/bud-postcssPostCSS transpiler
@roots/bud-reactReact support
@roots/bud-wordpress-dependenciesemits wordpress.json manifest
@roots/bud-wordpress-externalsExternalizes references to code provided by window.wp
@roots/bud-wordpress-manifestsCombines the entrypoints.json and wordpress.json manifests