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This extension is experimental.

SWC can be added by installing the @roots/bud-swc extension.


yarn add @roots/bud-swc --dev


You have two options for configuring SWC:


You may use bud.swc api in your bud configuration file:

jsc: {
// ...,


You may also use a standard .swcrc config file in the root of your project.


@roots/bud-swc does not currently support typechecking during compilation.

Our recommendation is to run typechecking as a separate process. You can use the bud typecheck command or even use tsc directly: tsc --noEmit.

You could also add the fork-ts-webpack-plugin in your bud configuration. This approach conflicts with bud.config files authored in typescript.

Subscribe to swc-project/swc#571 for more information on where swc-project is at with its typecheck implementation.