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The @roots/bud-preset-wordpress package is a great starting point for WordPress plugins & themes.

If you plan on using it in a WordPress theme you should consider using @roots/sage.

It's companion preset leverages this preset as its base.

It includes the following extensisons:

  • @roots/bud-babel
  • @roots/bud-postcss
  • @roots/bud-react
  • @roots/bud-entrypoints
  • @roots/bud-wordpress-manifests
  • @roots/bud-wordpress-externals - maps bundled packages to wordpress provided window variables in emitted files
  • @roots/bud-wordpress-dependencies – lists used packages in a wordpress specific manifests
  • @roots/bud-wordpress-manifests - merges the @roots/bud-entrypoints and @roots/bud-wordpress-dependencies manifests