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Bud extensions


Extensions documentation is a work-in-progress

Nearly all of the first-party bud extensions are zero config. Once installed, they are immediately and automatically applied.

An exception to this general assumption are extensions which require some sort of configuration — like @roots/bud-library.

After installing an extension you may wish to run bud clean to explicitly remove any cached data. However, Webpack should register the change in dependencies and automatically invalidate the cache.

What do the colors in the sidebar mean?

They indicate our level of confidence in the extension.

Semantically, it's probably close to what you'd assume:

🟢 green

We have a working version of the extension with at least partial unit/integration test coverage. This extension sees relatively broad usage and is being used in production.

🟡 yellow

This extension is simple and likely runs in a predictable way but either has limited unit/integration test coverage or does not see broad production usage. Any issue with this extension will be taken seriously.

🔴 red

This is an experimental extension. It likely has no tests written for it. It is our intent to improve it over time but it may not be a top priority.