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This release reverts the figures dependency to v4 to maintain compatibility with Node 16. We will do this upgrade when we release the next major version of bud.js, and recommend all users move on to Node 20 as soon as possible. Still, we didn't intend to introduce this incompatibility in a minor release (v6.18.0).

Updates available

There are patches available for this release. Please update to 6.19.1.

This also fixes errors with inlined assets when using @roots/bud-vue. This required reordering some module rules (which is why this release is a minor release rather than a patch). If you are using the build.module.rules hook (or any of its inner hooks, like build.module.rules.oneOf), you may need to update code if you are relying on the rules being ordered in a particular way. Thanks to @rkaalma for the report.

There also corrects a sneaky issue where expanded environment variables were not always being overridden as designed.

Lastly, there have been improvements made to the handling of webpack plugin instances used directly with bud.extensions.add or bud.use. Related tests have been improved along with the example config. You should also see these plugins in the bud doctor listing in a more easily identifiable way.

What's Changed

Full Changelog: