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Getting started

bud.js is a web-focused build tool with add-on support for Babel, React, PostCSS, Sass, Typescript, esbuild, ESLint, Prettier, and more.

The standard bud.js compiler leverages webpack, but is open to being extended to support other build tools.

bud.js is written in TypeScript but fully supports projects written in vanilla JavaScript.


  • node 16+
  • yarn 1.22 or higher
  • npm 8.3 or higher
  • Windows users must use Windows Subsystem for Linux


Add @roots/bud as a development dependency using your choice of pacakge manager.

npm install @roots/bud --save-dev

When installing extensions make sure that the extension version is compatible with bud core. In general, all dependencies with the @roots namespace should share the same version.