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Updates available

There are patches available for this release. Please update to 6.5.3.

Small fixes and improvements related to argv, package.json and .env settings.

🩹 Fix: argv parsing

These flags were janky but now they are golden:

  • --devtool - Set desired devtool
  • --clean - Enable or disable build cleaning
  • --discovery - Enable or disable automatic extension registration
  • --flush - Clean webpack cache

This release also adds a --runtime flag, which is new. It doesn't accept everything bud.runtime does, but you can use it to specify basic options like single or multiple.

✨ Improve: env context

You can now set certain values in your .env:

  • APP_BASE_PATH - the base path for your app
  • APP_PUBLIC_PATH - the public path for your app
  • APP_SRC_PATH - the @src path for your app
  • APP_DIST_PATH - the @dist path for your app
  • APP_STORAGE_PATH - the @storage path for your app
  • APP_MODE - desired build mode

✨ Improve: package.json context

The options available under the bud key in package.json have been expanded:

"bud": {
"paths": {
"base": string,
"src": string,
"dist": string,
"storage": string
"publicPath": string,
"extensions": {
"allowlist": string[],
"denylist": string[],
"discovery": boolean

If you are using bud.allowlist or bud.denylist, please update to bud.extensions.allowlist and bud.extensions.denylist. You'll get a warning in your terminal for now; in a future release this will cause an error.

🩹 Fix: SSL proxy rewrites and documentation

The implementation and documentation for the bud.serve function had fallen out-of-sync. The bud.serve documentation and development server configuration guides are now up-to-date.

Additionally, path rewrites for proxied URLs served over SSL were defaulting to for hostname. This has been fixed.

Example of the config which served as a test case for this release:

host: "ssl-test.test",
cert: `${process.env.HOME}/.config/valet/Certificates/ssl-test.test.crt`,
key: `${process.env.HOME}/.config/valet/Certificates/ssl-test.test.key`,

To apply the hostname fix to earlier versions of bud you will need to apply the rewrite in your config:

// This is no longer necessary in 6.5.1
bud.proxy('https://ssl-test.test', [['', 'ssl-test.test']])

ℹ️ Release information

For more information review the diff to see what's changed.