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A bugfix release for bud 6.4.x. Read release notes on

@roots/bud-preset-wordpress: improve handling of WP_HOME

WP_HOME is now automatically set as a fallback proxy value. This means that if you don't call bud.proxy value in your bud.config.js file, the extension will attempt to use WP_HOME (if it is available and is a string value).

Previously, this value was set up front, which could cause errors if the value was malformed.

🩹 @roots/sage: bud.wpjson.useTailwindFontSize mutates config

This function no longer mutates the tailwind config. This caused tailwind to not generate css for font sizes.

@roots/sage: filter theme.json values to those used in theme.extend

If you wish to limit generated values in theme.json to those included in theme.extend, you can now do so with an optional parameter passed to useTailwindFontFamily, useTailwindColors, and useTailwindFontSize.

export default async bud => {
* Limit generated values to those used in theme.extend

If called with no arguments, the default behavior is to generate all values resolved by tailwindcss.

⚠️ @roots/bud-tailwindcss: bud.tailwindcss.resolveTailwindThemeValue renamed to bud.tailwindcss.resolveThemeValue

This is an undocumented method but some of you may very well be using it. It's name changed.

🩹 fix: --browser flag not working

Regression introduced in 6.4.0. Fixed (with added unit tests).

ℹ️ Release information

For more information review the diff to see what's changed.